1. On Call…All The Time:

Tammy, Telephone Agent

Tammy, Telephone Agent

Even when your office is closed, your firm depends on being open. While most people will contact you during regular business hours, when people need a lawyer, they want to speak to a live person. Our agents are always on duty, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter when clients call your business, we have you covered. Every call will be answered reliably and professionally.

2. Custom Scripting:

When it comes to your firm, image is everything. We understand that you depend on us to deliver a personalized, efficient service to every caller. We will work with you to create a custom script, using the information, criteria, and protocols you provide. We will be an extension of your business.

3. Bilingual Service:

We offer services in English, French and Spanish.

4. Increase Productivity:

Time is money. Stay focused, and our Agents will answer every call with prompt, courteous care. Less stress leads to happier, more productive employees!

5. Improve Customer Satisfaction:

Forbes has reported that 85% of callers will hang up when they hear a voice mail or must deal with an automated attendant. With Legal Call 24, all your callers will be greeted by our friendly, live-voice operators. Customers will not only receive the personalized service they need, but they will feel like valued clients.

Marie, Supervisor

Marie, Supervisor

6. Reduce Expenses:

The world operates on a 24-hour clock, but you can’t afford to have staff 24/7. Never worry about vacation coverage, sick days or unexpected workloads. Your phones will be answered by the industry’s best Agents, and that equates to reduced administrative expenses, less overhead, and an increase to your bottom line.

7. Quality Control:

Calls are reviewed daily to ensure our high standards are always maintained and that our clients receive unparalleled representation on every call. Statistics are continuously measured to ensure we meet our industry standard service levels.

8. E-Access to Recordings:

Each call answered by our Agents can be accessed through our Client e-Portal. Listen to the actual conversation between your callers and our Agents, eliminating any concerns of an incorrect message and ensuring that our responses are in line with your expectations.

9. Award-Winning Service:

Legal Call 24 voluntarily undergoes Mystery Shopping annually by three well-respected industry agencies: CAM-X, NAEO and ATSI. Our Agents are judged on courtesy, response time, accuracy, call control, professionalism, overall knowledge of the account, with extra points for the “WOW” factor. Legal Call 24 is proud to say that they have received the prestigious Award of Excellence every year since 1999!

10. Affordable & Scalable:

Regardless of whether your firm is a 1-person shop, or a large firm, we have a pricing package that will meet your budget. Starting at as low as $3.00/day, you could have a professional Call Agent answering your phones in as little as 24 hours.