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President Brad French with his parents (and previous owners) Jack and Marie French.

President Brad French with his parents (and previous owners) Jack and Marie French.

Founded in 1948, and a division of Alliance Security & Communications, our Inbound Call Centre has provided professional telephone answering services for a wide spectrum of clients across North America. Winners of multiple Awards of Excellence from industry-accredited associations CAM-X (Canadian Association of Message Exchanges), NAEO (National Amtelco Equipment Owners) and ATSI (Association of TeleServices International) this second generation business prides itself on its core values of integrity, professionalism and team work. Our Inbound services include order-handling, surveys, appointment scheduling, sales support, information hotlines, and many other services.


We realized a long time ago that Legal Call 24 is only as good as its people and that if we wanted to establish the preeminent answering service and call center, we had to be prepared to find, train, and retain top-caliber talent.

Legal Call 24 is successful because we offer the high-quality experience you would expect from a boutique answering service with the best technology and affordable pricing on the market.

We knew unless we hired the best people, we could not reasonably expect you to make us an extension of your business. We start by hand-picking exceptional people who possess attention to detail and a natural, easy-going way with people. In order to qualify for a position with our company, an applicant has to prove that they can talk, type, listen and read …. at the same time.

Our Agents receive over 90 hours of initial training before they take their first call, and then participate in continuous education sessions to stay current on all accounts and technology. We invest in our people, because they are our most important asset. We pay a generous wage along with medical benefits, and invest in their careers by encouraging continuing education for the four levels of certification by CAM-X.This philosophy has been very effective for us, as we enjoy a very low staff turnover, with an average length of service of 10+ years, and all who live in the local Kingston area.                                     

In addition to standard benefits, bonus incentives further help us motivate and retain good people. As a result, we have built a team of professional Agents who are committed to making Legal Call 24 the best it can be. That commitment shines through in the enthusiasm they bring to the job, and the excellence with which they perform—all of which translates into better service for your firm.


The management team at Legal Call 24 has expertise in every segment of our operations – from human resources training and customer service – to sophisticated computer/telephony integration. Our ongoing, comprehensive training programs ensure we constantly deliver excellent customer service in every aspect of the business.


From the first time we meet with you, we are about understanding your business: your corporate culture and personality, the dynamics that drive your revenues, and the issues you're seeking to resolve. At Legal Call 24, we believe every client is unique, so every script must be customized to your firm.

 It's that personalized attention to detail that sets the tone for how we work for you. In the end, we don't want you to think of us just as an expense, but instead see us as a key component of your overall business.