Best North American Legal Answering Service

Legal Call 24 provides the best legal answering service in North America. If you are a single-lawyer office, have a quickly developing customer base, or a clientele that speaks various languages, it can be challenging to take their phone calls efficiently. Our North American legal answering service could be the best option in connecting to prospective and current clients.

As a lawyer, you are repeatedly juggling different clients and may be in meetings throughout the day. Being away from your desk, or focusing on the cases and clients means that phone calls are a distraction to your focus. The only way that you can keep up with business development is through a more efficient way to handle incoming calls.

Our North American Legal Answering Service Can Reduce Costs

Hiring a full-time receptionist is often the first solution to the strains of a growing law practice. This can be an expensive investment, however, as you'll need to have a receptionist in house, they are only generally available within “regular business hours”. The need to have coverage regardless of time of day is imperative for scaling your firm.

Our North American legal answering service will guarantee that your phone lines are answered professionally and that the proper information is taken. Based on your account direction, we can hold these calls for a daily recap, or transfer high-priority calls immediately.

Benefits to a Legal Answering Service in North America

The benefits to a legal answering service in North America are varied. These tailored phone services addresses the need to be available in a global economy as well as balance business development:

·         Reducing costs and staffing space for a full-time receptionist

·         Simplifying and standardizing the legal intake process

·         Providing extended-hours service and filtering emergency vs. non-emergency calls

·         Receiving clients calls in their primary language with ease

Savings can be used for Marketing your Business

With the savings that you hold on to from using a North American legal answering service, you can reinvest this money into your law practice. .

The benefits to a North American legal answering service make it the smartest and most cost-effective option for most practices. Learn more about the way Legal call 24 has helped other law practices grow and what their clients think. Just call us at 1-800-975-7719.