Are You considering outsourcing calls?

If you are considering outsourcing or supplementing your receptionist, Legal Call 24 is the answer. In today's competitive business world, every call counts. Whether you’re in meetings or in court, it’s impossible to answer the phone every single time. To make sure no call goes unanswered, connect with Legal Call 24 and get access to our North American award-winning receptionist services.

By choosing Legal Call 24 as your receptionist service, you can tailor your plan to suit your needs and call volume. From full-time virtual receptionist services, to overflow and after-hours call intake, we work as a virtual front office to your firm.

Why opt for outsourced receptionist services in North America?

  • Outsourcing to a live outsourced receptionist will save you not only the cost of having to hire a full-time receptionist, or using temp agencies if your receptionist is going to be away.

  • With our North America outsourced receptionist handling your calls 24/7 you can have the peace of mind knowing that you are not missing any business opportunity and that all your clients are taken care of.

  • Our receptionists do not call in sick or vacation. You will always have staff ready to answer the phone.

  • You will have no more phone interruptions when you are in important meetings.

  • Your customers will be pleased with your efficient customer support and give you repeat business.

    Our North America Outsourced Receptionist Services

  • We can answer, screen and forward your business calls to your on-call attorney after hours.

  • Our customer support can send your calls to a voicemail set up that can be checked online, anytime.

  • We are able to immediately warm transfer urgent matters to you, or your on-call attorney.

  • You can get 24/7 customer care for your business

  • We provide a daily recap of all messages to you and your team to ensure that no opportunity is missed.

    Want to learn more? Contact us at 1-800-975-7719 for details on what Legal Call 24 can do to improve your billable