Strange Law Suits


New lawsuits are being filed everyday over frivolous matters, but some are so bizarre that only the plaintiff can discern why it's worth the court costs. The plaintiff files a complaint; someone serves papers to the defendant; lawyers present the evidence and argue their points; witnesses take the stands; and the judge hands down a ruling. Sometimes there is a large sum of money on the line that warrants such a long process, but occasionally, there is no logical reason behind the lawsuit.

Penny Pinching

Meet Mary Bach, a consumer activist who takes counting pennies seriously. In her fifth lawsuit against the consumer giant, Mary sued over two cents.

Mary had gone shopping for breakfast meat and everything was fine until she got to the counter and discovered that her purchases rang up as $1 rather than the 98 cents Walmart had advertised it as. Never one to make a scene, Mary accepted a refund and went on her way. The next time Mary came, her meat once again rang up as $1. This time, Mary not only refused the refund, but she also sued. The court awarded her $100 and had to pay $80 in court costs, earning her a whopping $20.

Bad Service

Kathleen Hampton visited Enzo's Caffe Italiano for Valentines Day. Her husband remained at home, so Kathleen went without him because they had already made reservations. According to Kathleen, the staff seated her at a table for two, but business was booming with lovers looking for a romantic dinner. Since Kathleen was alone, staff members requested that she leave, so they could use the table. Kathleen also stated that the staff refused to serve her, and she felt humiliated by the experience.

Enzo's owner reports his staff suggested that Kathleen sit at the bar with other singles and Kathleen refused. They also state she drank two glasses of wine before leaving without paying. Kathleen sued Enzo's for $100,000 and a public apology. Kathleen and Enzo's owner settled, although she never got her apology.

You Mean I'm Not Married Anymore?

In yet another strange lawsuit, Jane Mulcahy sued her divorce attorney because he did not mention that getting divorced would dissolve her marriage. The devout Roman Catholic claims her legal team also didn't inform her a judicial separation would have allowed her to maintain her marriage vows. A judge sided with her legal team and dropped her case.

There's no law that says you can't sue someone, just as there is no law that states there has to be a logical reason behind the suit. Sometimes the court sides with the plaintiff and sometimes they do not. Either way, strange lawsuits make for a fun read.

Sharron LawsonComment