How Can You Practice Law Without an Office?

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Practicing law without an office might seem like a bit of an off-the-wall concept, but it's becoming much more common than many people think. Renting office space is expensive, and with rental rates continually rising, there are more and smaller legal firms choosing to operate remotely or without one, single, designated office space that they call their "home base."

So, how does this work?

In this post, we will discuss some concepts and ideas that can help a home-based law office run smoothly and highlight how Legal Call 24 can help provide those services to your law firm, even if you don't operate out of traditional office space. The following are things to consider when picking a space that gets called your "office" or where you work from:

Hot Desks & Co-working Spaces:

There are plenty of law firms operating anywhere that people can find a hotspot internet connection and a desk to put their laptop on. Many of these spaces are public places that may get shared with other business professionals.

Whether you work from home while you watch your children or meet up with people you work with at a local coffee bar, you need to make your office space work for you. Wherever that is, many people are enjoying choosing when and where they work on a schedule that meets their specific needs.

People Work to Live Instead of Living to Work:

Finally, millennials are more of the mindset that they are working to live not living to work. Many millennials have decided that 60+ hour work weeks, coming into the office on weekends, or being in the office for 10-12 hours per day is no longer for them. They wish to work a standard 40-hour week (or less) in many cases and make the schedule and the hours work for them and their families. Having their own business with flexible hours allows them to do just that.

People Have Other (Often Completing) Responsibilities:

These various responsibilities can be anything from raising kids and not wanting to pay the high costs of daycare to take care of younger siblings or an ill/disabled family member. Any of these specific situations (and many others) are forcing millennials to "lead the charge" against corporations as they set up an office wherever it works for them and work for themselves by partnering with other like-minded professionals to create their living ideal.

As daily life becomes more complex for people who are working at smaller, independent law-firms, Legal Call 24 is realizing more ways that we can help you keep your work life and personal life separate, and we can assist you in setting your business hours and covering the phones while you are not in the office yourself.

Legal Call 24 Offers a Variety of Services to Assist Your Law Firm:

The following are services that Legal Call 24 offers that can help your law firm run more smoothly, no matter where you operate from:

A Professional Call-Answering Service:

A professional-level call answering service is a great way to ensure that you are not letting any business opportunities slip through your fingers while also ensuring that all clients get treated with world-class professionalism. Here at Legal Call 24, whether you are in a business meeting with a current client or working with a case in court, we are here to do the intake process of answering your calls from prospective clients. If it's 2:30 am, or on the weekend, we are always at our phones 24/7/365 ready to assist your firm in handling any incoming calls that you may not be in the office to handle at that given time.

We Complete Your Intake Process:

Legal Call 24 has professional telephone representatives who take their jobs very seriously and can complete your entire intake process for new clients. We will get the vital information and take it all down (and ensure it's correct). Then we will send it to your desk so you can get working on the case as soon as you are back in the office.

Scheduling Services:

Our highly professional staff at Legal Call 24 are trained using many calendar and scheduling apps that your law-firm might use to track client appointments and keep things straight daily. We are happy to schedule your new customer's consultation appointments and other needed appointments according to your office hours and specifications. 

These are professional services that Legal Call 24 offers to your law firm, even if you don't have one set office or location you work. We are flexible and will work with you to meet whatever your specific needs are.

Legal Call 24 Services Save You Money:

Moreover, Legal Call 24 Services save you money over hiring several more individuals (and paying them full benefits) to work your telephone lines 24/7/365. You would be surprised to learn that the average law firm client we have only paid about $6,000/year for our full-time services. That price is much more affordable than hiring several people to work different shifts and paying their full wages and benefits for them to answer your phone lines.


Legal Call 24 is committed to providing your independent law-firm with the call-answering services you need; whether you have your own specific, set office space or work more remotely, we are here to help. We want to ensure that you are never losing a client due to someone not answering your phones. We are happy to partner with you to provide the best service possible to your clients in our fast-paced legal business world today.

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