Why You Need Live Call Handling


With the influx of AI within the legal industry is working to make many legal operations streamlined. Coupling that with the change in buying habits in which clients are researching attorneys, aren’t scared to ask for a reduced rate, and expect a high level of service, and immediate availability regardless of time of day.

Legal Call 24 exists to be able to answer any client questions, discuss free consultation limits, rates, and any other general inquiry information before in-taking new clients. When there is a crisis, people need to connect immediately. With an average answering time of 15 seconds, a 24 hour a day staff, and decades of experience in representing law firms, Legal Call is the solution for law firms of all sizes, allowing for more productive hours in and out of the office.

Here are three reasons why Live Answering is needed for every law firm, regardless of size:

1)      Now is the Time to Wow!  

When consumers complete 80% off all buying decisions before they ever reach out to a firm the initial conversation you have with a new client can be the last factor in bringing on their case. Our Agents know how to WOW with consistent training and education and quality control guidelines on every call.
Having a person on the other end of the line makes the difference regardless of the time of the call. By consistently “wow-ing” client questions, intake processes, and appointment scheduling, Legal Call 24 ensures exceptional customer service.

2)      Reduce Overhead Expenses

The average salary of a legal receptionist is $35,000 in Canada. Legal Call 24 costs the equivalent of 1-2 billable hours a month, allowing for 24/7 support of your firm. We are so sure that we’re going to benefit the overall operations of your firm, that we offer a 21-day-guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund the first month of service.

3)      The Legal Call 24 Advantage

From our initial conversations, account setup, and onboarding, we’re completely transparent. We understand that no two business are the same and ensure that everything is set up to suit YOUR needs before we go live.
Everyone from our sales team, programmers, operators and Management Team is available to work with you to ensure a simple transition between your office and ours. This 24/7 availability, client intake, and qualifying cases and collecting retainers allows for you to focus on the business development of your firm.


Legal Call 24 provides the administrative support for your law firm. We’ve answered an excess of 50 million calls since launching our services since 1948. From solo practitioners to large firms, we’re able to scale our services to your needs.

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