How Physical Activity Can Improve Productivity at Your Law Firm

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Are you so busy delivering exceptional service at your law firm that you never find time to exercise? Fitting physical activity into your busy day is easier said than done. You barely have time to hang out in the breakroom leave alone hit the gym a few times a week for a workout. However, physical activity is essential to your overall health.

A survey conducted by Statistics Canada's Canadian Community Health found out that slightly over half of the adults aged 20 and older are inactive. Are you a part of these statistics? If so, it's time to take physical activity seriously and slot it into your busy legal schedule. With this in mind, here are a few insights on how embracing physical activity can increase your productivity and contribute to your overall health and wellness.

Boost Your Physical Health

Did you know that engaging in regular physical activity can wade away illnesses such as common cold, flu, chronic fatigue, and other diseases that leave you bedridden and out of work for days? A study published in the Journal of occupation & Environmental Medicine showed that engaging in physical activity at least 2.5 hours per week reduced the number of sick days sought by employees. 

In addition to saving you from the flu, working out also protects you against severe conditions such as cardiovascular diseases. With fewer sick days and improved health, you are able to dedicate more hours and energy at work. This leads to increased productivity and helps build stamina to meet the physical requirements of the job.

Increase Energy and Alertness

Physical activity boosts blood to the brain and gets your heart pumping. This leads to increased energy and alertness and helps sharpen your awareness and cognitive abilities at work. The legal profession requires a lot of attention to detail, especially if you represent clients in areas such as criminal law, personal injury, and immigration law.

You need to go through lots of documents, review evidence, and come up with ways to deliver a win to your client. With an alert mind and a sharper focus, you can deliver exceptional work and be on top of your game at all times. 

If you find a hard time going to the gym because you fear to send your clients' calls to voicemail, worry no more. Legal Call 24 can take any incoming calls while you are out for a run or in the gym. You kill two birds with one stone by watching your health while delivering quality customer service.

Improve Your Mental Health

The legal profession is demanding and stressful. You're constantly faced with pressure to deliver to your clients. Amidst all the madness, it is easy to lose your sanity and slip into stress and depression. Luckily, if you engage in physical activity, mental illnesses will be a thing of the past. 

Exercising allows your brain to release the feel-good hormones or endorphins which improve your mood. Serotonin is released during workouts, and it boosts mental health and keeps stress at bay. With good mental health and no stress or depression, you not only work better but also forge better relationships with your colleagues and clients.

Boost Your Workplace Productivity with Physical Activity

With all the pressure and demand surrounding the legal profession, it is worth setting aside a few hours every week to give your body, mind, and soul some tender love and care. There's no better way to do this than engage in physical activity. You could take walks around the neighbourhood, go for morning runs, or sign up at the local gym.

Don't be worried about frustrating your clients with unanswered calls as you tend to your body. Reach out to Legal Call 24 for professional call answering services. We are your reliable remote receptionists to ensure your clients get quality service while you're away.

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