Legal Call 24 Can Help Your Law Firm Perform Client Intake

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For the past half of a decade, Legal Call 24 has proudly been helping law firms of all sizes perform their client intake processes. We work in all various types of law and have handled a variety of different client intake needs throughout that time. We continue to expand our services and improve our staff training to ensure that we can handle any needs that your client has adequately and professionally.

What Do I Stand to Gain By Outsourcing My Client Intake to a Third Party?

Your law firm is a busy place that has a variety of different things going on at any given time. Outsourcing your client intake to a third party such as Legal Call 24 helps you eliminate the time that you have to spend answering telephone calls and completing intake paperwork. That time is freed up to spend on other tasks that need your attention while ensuring you that your client intake is being handled professionally by qualified professionals who never miss a single opportunity to convert a caller into a customer.

Reasons Legal Call 24 is Your Client Intake Outsourcing Solution:

When Legal Call 24 joins your legal team, you can expect a variety of benefits, including the following:

  • You Will Save Money: The average small law firm does not have mone to waste. At Legal Call 24, we appreciate that and the average contract our clients have only cost about $5,000/year. That provides you with complete, professional, around-the-clock call answering services for your firm to ensure that you never miss an opportunity to capitalize on a client intake opportunity again.

  • You Will Have the Information You Need: At Legal Call 24, we take down the client's information and will send it to you, so all you have to do is reach out and connect with the client. You will already know the basics and have the information you need. The information is guaranteed to be accurate and on-point, so you can begin helping the client solve their case.

  • You Know That Our Staff is Friendly: We understand that when someone calls a lawyer, they are likely distressed, upset, and shocked that they have found themselves in that situation. Our staff gets trained to ensure that we get the right information while exercising the utmost empathy and compassion to each caller that comes in contact with our staff and seeks your legal services.

  • No Calls Are Dropped: We always answer your phones 24/7/365, and that ensures that no calls ever get dropped and no callers are ever left to leave a voicemail when they want to talk to a real live person.

These benefits make outsourcing your client intake to a third party a no-brainer. You save money, time, and resources while you also get to ensure that your clients are taken care of and treated with the utmost courtesy and respect.

In Conclusion:

For further assistance or to sign your law firm up for Legal Call 24's services, please contact us to set up your plan to outsource your calls to our facility today.

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