3 Ways to Leverage Facebook to Launch Your Private Law Practice

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These days, it doesn't take an office to launch a law practice. We've talked before in our blog about how to practice law without an office. But we can't stress enough that even without an office, quality customer service is invaluable. When you're working in a less conventional setting, you need unconventional tools to communicate with future clients and provide them with the services they need to choose you over their competitors. Today, we're going to take a look at one powerful tool you may not even realize you have at your disposal: Facebook. These 3 tips will help you leverage Facebook and get your practice off to a great start—or launch your existing practice into new success!

Have a professional Facebook page

One of the most important ways to leverage Facebook to increase your success is to have a business Facebook page. A professional page on Facebook is an easy, free way to advertise your practice and provide potential clients with information on the services you provide. To utilize this page correctly, make sure you include:

  • Your hours of operation

  • A description of the services you offer

  • Prices of services if they're standardized

  • Contact information

For the online generation, convenience is everything. This is even truer for people who may be hiring a lawyer to help with an already stressful situation. Providing a 24/7 answering service is one way you can make your Facebook page stand apart from your competitors' Facebook pages.

Update Facebook with helpful tips and tricks

You want your Facebook page to stay active. This helps potential clients know that you're still in business. Facebook is also more likely to promote your page if there's new content on it, which keeps you in the eyes—and the memories—of people who may one day need your services.

One great way to continually update your business Facebook page while proving that you're a leader in your industry is to update your page with helpful tips and tricks. For example, if you practice criminal law, you could offer information on what to do when accused of a crime. Keep your Facebook posts relevant and not too sales-y to build trust with your audience.

Consider advertising through Facebook

Facebook offers advertisement space for a small fee. The best thing about Facebook ads is that you can narrow them down by many factors, including location, age, gender, and more. This can help you ensure your ads are being presented to your target demographic and that you're not only increasing traffic on your page, but increasing traffic that is local and relevant to you.

Facebook is a powerful tool for lawyers who know how to leverage it correctly. If you're planning to practice law without an office, using tools like Facebook can put you ahead of your competitors and ensure you get the traffic you deserve.

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