Five Strategies for Building Trust with Clients Through Personal Interaction

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Meaningful personal interactions go further than almost anything else in helping build a good relationship with the customers your business serves. In the age of growing technological advancements, personal interactions are vital to helping your company grow and develop as well as gain new customers. Customers feel valued when they get interacted with on a personal level.

In a world where companies are trying harder than ever to set themselves apart, building trust with clients through quality personal interactions is becoming more important than ever. That means even if the personal touch is done on the internet and not face-to-face, there still must be some level of personalization to a law firm's service.

The following are 5 key tips to keep in mind when interacting with customers and how to ensure that you impress from the very first meeting:

  1. A Personal Touch Must Accompany Impressive Technology: 

While technology like apps that are designed to be easier to use or websites that are well laid out, many clients still expect a person "touch" to your technology. From gender-neutral language to make every customer feel as though they get equally valued to using words carefully or using a person's name after they log in to their account (i.e. "Hello Crystal!" or "Welcome Back Mark!"), you make each customer feel individualized and respected, not just like another "number" or "statistic".

2. Consumer Expectations Continue To Rise:

As more and more law firm options are available, more consumers are looking for the little "extras" that set your firm apart. From convenient office hours to always being able to reach someone on the phone 24/7/365, customers who feel your firm has accessibility are your best bet for repeat business. Legal Call 24 can help! We are there 24/7/365 to man your telephone lines and ensure that someone is always there to talk to new clients, no matter when they call.

3. Easy Access to Information:

Customers of today are demanding easier access to information. From making your website a place that customers can find what they want to 15-minute (around the clock) access, customers expect live people (and their services) to be available to them at all times. Whether you have lawyers "on call" to speak with customers around the clock or a user-friendly app that provides information clients are after, the ones who can find what they are looking for will be the ones who stick around the longest.

4. Treat Your Clients the Way You Would Like to Be Treated:

Understanding your client's perspective is key to serving clients as best as you can. When you work with a legal firm, many clients coming to you have had traumatic experiences and are looking for relief of many sorts from financial compensation to legal justice. Whether your client was wrongfully fired from a job, bit by an animal, sustained a life-changing injury that is not their fault, or lost a family member in a tragedy such as a car wreck, clients want someone who understands. Basic empathy and compassion will go a long way towards helping your clients trust in you to help them. 

Offering basics such as access information and flexible appointments is a great start. Offering beverages to those who may want some water or a hot drink is another way to make customers feel welcome. Providing a clean, comfortable environment in your office for them to visit is also key. Offering comfortable seating during meetings is also much appreciated.

So is having someone who answers your phone lines 24/7/365 and is understanding, courteous, knowledgeable, and well-trained in the legal take-in process is another. Legal Call 24 ensures that every single potential client that calls your office regardless of when they do will have that experience. We guarantee it. That's a step above "average" customer service. 

5. Have the Correct Details:

When you are contacting a potential customer, having the details about their case correct is key. Here at Legal Call 24, we ensure that we get the correct details of the place and other pertinent information (i.e. date, time, location, incident, etc.) as accurately as possible every single time. We understand that the proper details are key to winning cases for clients and are committed to giving your firm that information from the get-go.

These are 5 key ways that you can make your law firm stand out from the others in the business. In a world of rising expectations, it's vital to ensure that your law firm stands out. Keeping these customer service tips in mind is a great start.


As the field of law becomes more and more competitive, standing out is key to earning long-term, loyal customers. These are 5 great ways to do that and ensure that your firm stands out from the rest. 

For further assistance with a quality telephone answering service that is available and ready to help 24/7/365, please be sure to contact us at Legal Call 24 for the premier services that your clients deserve.