How Legal Call 24 Helps Convert Callers into Clients

Here at Legal Call 24 our commitment to the small law firms we serve is to convert their callers into clients. We have a proven formula of how we turn callers into your future clients. In this post, we will discuss exactly how we can do that and how we will be there for your small legal form 24/7/365. 

Someone Always Answers the Telephone:

We don't rely on machines or automated messaging systems to answer your client's phone calls. Instead, we ensure that a real, live person who can help your client will answer every single phone call that comes into your law firm. We always have someone working our telephone lines 24/7/365, even outside of traditional business hours.

Legal Call 24's Staff Get Highly Trained in the Legal Field:

Our staff is highly trained in the legal field here at Legal Call 24. We can perform the entire legal intake process for new clients, and we will send the information to the attorney's desk soon as we hang up the phone. We are also able to answer a variety of questions that the client may have about the legal process and assist clients in every way possible without causing any interruptions to your legal team's daily routine.

Clients Get Always Treated with Dignity & Respect:

Our staff here at Legal Call 24 realize that many clients calling for legal assistance have been through a traumatic or devastating event, or in some cases multiple events. We are here to help them seek closure and peace of mind in the legal process. We assure you that every single person our agents speak to on behalf of your firm will get treated with dignity, respect, and kindness during the intake process. Our staff wants to help make the intake process as fast and painless as possible for every client that uses our services.

Legal Call 24 Sends Information Right to the Attorney:

Legal Call 24 will finish the legal intake process for each client. Soon as we hang up, we send the information directly to the attorney's desk. We ensure that the information is taken down carefully and correctly for every client and deliver it right to the source as part of our high standard of service. Once the attorney has the necessary information about the client, they can take the case from there.

High Quality Services = Clients Becoming Customers:

Through the high level of service outlined above, Legal Call 24 guarantees that every potential client gets through to speak to a live agent. No exceptions. Our polite treatment of each client ensures that clients do not become frustrated with the intake process and give up and go to a different legal team. It ensures that you are maximizing your profit while you take care of each potential client that calls. When the client is taken care of the will turn into loyal, lifelong customers of your firm.