Why is Three the Magic Number in Answering Calls

Why is Three the Magic Number in Answering Calls?

Have you ever heard of the advice to answer a phone call in three rings or less? With all of the digital communication taking place these days, it is fair to assume that this tried-and-true practice has fallen to the wayside. If you or your firm is continually answering calls after four, five, or even six rings, then you may be losing out on valuable customer relationships. 

Why Three Rings?

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Three seems like an arbitrary number, but the consensus agrees that anything longer than three rings can lose you or your firm business. According to Speakeasy Marketing, each ring after the first three can cost your firm up to $1,000 per ring! Why is that? In this day of instant gratification, a client is likely to hang up if their call isn't answered quickly. And on the off-chance they don't hang up (but are kept waiting) you run the risk of them becoming impatient and getting upset when you finally do pick up. Not the best way to start out a customer service relationship! 

Answering a client call quickly also assures the potential client that you run an efficient business, and that you take your client relationships very seriously. That is, by not wasting their time, you are showing them you care. 

Simplify Your Call Service

It may seem simple to quickly answer the phone, but in reality, a timely pick-up is harder in practice. For example, what if you are already in conversation with a client or a colleague? What if you have stepped away from your phone for lunch or a meeting? That's where Legal Call 24 comes in. We take the challenge out of answering the phone quickly. Our service is available 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week, and we will always pick up within three rings or fewer, no matter how busy you are. Contact us today to learn more.