Three Reasons Why Legal Call 24 is the Best Answering Service for Small Law Firms

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As the legal landscape changes from office spaces and large administrative departments to coworking spaces and meeting clients remotely, Legal Call 24 can seamlessly become your virtual assistant, regardless of your unique needs.  We schedule meetings, complete client intake, and handle any overflow or after-hours calls.

When 80 percent of communication within the legal profession are still done by telephone, using apps and email doesn’t always convey the urgency or care for new and existing clients. Many prospective clients are under a sense of urgency and fear when calling for a new attorney, and we’re able to compassionately and professionally control the call, complete intake, and ensure that your on-call staff is notified if it is an emergency.

So, what does this mean for you and your firm?

Less Distraction

When it takes an average of twenty-three minutes to return to a task once you have been interrupted, working on client briefs, meeting with staff and working on business development can all come screeching to a halt with the phone ringing. This generally occurs about 6 times a day, leading to over 2 hours of lost time. Just from phone calls and other distractions.

 When you need to focus on deadlines and place your full attention on your workload, Legal Call 24 will answer all your calls, answer client questions within the scope you feel is appropriate, and process intakes.

 That lost time can add up, leading to more productivity and billable hours. 

Scalable Services

When you’re competing against larger firms for clients, ensuring that you have an air of professionalism and competence is key. People choose smaller firms based on trust and capability. Our Agents are trained in legal terminology, call and client control, and customer service is at the heart of our training. Our plans are tailored to your firm, and we will constantly look to see where we can improve, as your business grows, so can Legal Call 24’s service to you.


Award Winning Customer Service

There’s a lot on the line when a potential client calls after an arrest or injury. Our Agents compassionately listen, while controlling the call to ensure the information you need it taken immediately. The attention to detail throughout the entire onboarding and training process ensures that clients have a hard time differentiating between your staff and ours.

After 19 years of award-winning customer service, Legal Call 24 is the answer for small law firms. To learn more about our services, download our infographic.