Three Reasons Why Legal Call 24 is the Best After Hours Legal Answering Service


Telephone answering services are a great way to handle calls from clients and potential clients. They can fill in for after-hours calls when there is not a physical receptionist available to take your calls, or become a full time virtual receptionist for your small firm.

However, there are also many other benefits to hiring a phone answering services. You want to make sure you are leveraging your phone answering service to not only please your current and potential clients but also grow your firm.There are a variety of ways which a phone answering service can not only answer your calls but actually make your practice bigger.

Act as a seamless extension 

With a company like Legal Call 24, your phone answering service operates as if we are a part of your firm. Our operators complete a six-month training period so that when they answer your calls, they are just as experienced as any receptionist you would hire.

Client Intake

When you have a smaller firm, you need for client intake to be smooth, and thorough. Legal Call 24 receptionists are available regardless of time of day in order to complete and process client intake forms on behalf of your law office. This allows for all relevant information to be asked and answered before you and your team reach out, based on your own requirements to us.

We are able to pre-screen clients and ensure they’re the right client for your firm, based on the information that you give us at the time we set up your account.

Security and server back-up

Hiring an answering service like Legal Call 24 that has their own security and back-up measures means that you don't have to worry about paying to keep your own server. You merely use ours, which allows you to invest your assets into other areas of your practice.When people call your law firm, they want to know that they are reaching a practice that is established and can take care of their needs, regardless of when they arise. While you may not have the overhead to hire full-time staff and receptionists, a great alternative is hiring an answering service to act as just another arm of your firm.

Sharron LawsonComment