Save Your Firm Billable Hours By Using a Legal Answering Service


Distractions seem to be more common than ever in the workplace. Did you know an astounding 70 percent of employees in the workplace are distracted? Distractions are attributed to emails, meetings, and phone calls just to name a few. These distractions are costly to your firm, and negatively affect your bottom line. Hiring a legal answering service for your firm is a great way to combat workplace distractions and increase your bottom line. Let's take a look at how a legal answering service can save your firm billable hours.

Increasing Employee Satisfaction Leads to Increased Productivity

A recent study shows that 34 percent of employees dislike their job more when the workplace is full of distractions. It is also true that distractions lead to lower productivity, which means longer work hours, and more stress on employees. Hiring a qualified legal answering service to handle your firm's phone calls decreases the number of distractions employees experience. This increases employee satisfaction, which means a higher level of efficiency and productivity.

Focus On Higher Level Projects

By hiring a legal answering service to take your firm's phone calls, you and your staff are able to focus on larger projects and cases. Your staff will be able to dedicate more time and focus on the tasks at hand as opposed to the constant distractions of the phone ringing throughout the day. 

Improve Your Overall Quality of Service

Both your employees and clients will reap the benefits of a legal answering service while cutting down costs. You and your team are not only able to hone in on and focus on your active clients and projects, but you are also able to better serve those who call your firm. Missed phone calls can lead to frustrated clients and missed potential clients. Utilizing a legal answering service will ensure your firm never misses a phone call and that all calls are handled professionally. 

When you choose Legal Call 24, you can rest assured you are choosing a legal answering service with a fully trained staff ready to answer your firm's calls in a professional, helpful, and knowledgeable manner to your specifications. Legal Call 24 is monitored by third parties such as NAEO to ensure quality control. Contact us today and learn how we can save your firm billable hours!

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