Four Ways Your Firm Can Benefit from Overflow Call Handling

Red Phone Answering

Nobody likes to call a company or a business and get "Press 1 for X" and "Press 2 for Y". It turns many customers off and makes them feel like they are playing "second fiddle" to everything else that is going in your office on that specific day.

Even worse?

Endlessly calling a law firm and never getting someone to pick up or answer a call because your staff is busy meeting with clients and taking care of other pressing issues. These frustrations clients have may result in losing potential customers and thus potential revenue.

Another issue that often arises?

Many law firms get phone calls around the clock when a potential customer is having a crisis. If it's not during the 9 am to 5 pm Monday through Friday business hours, no one is in the office, and that call may go unanswered for entire weekends or holidays till your staff gets back in the office. Endless days without a call back may also force a client to find a different law firm that can help them right away.

What is the solution to all of these problems? Your solution is a 24/7/365 (or 366 during Leap Year) call center such as Legal Call 24 that will answer the phone around the clock no matter what. An immediate answer to your potential client's issues can result in the 4 following benefits for your law firm:

  1. Provides Your Law Firm with Additional Efficiency:

    Smaller law firms have fewer employees who might mean that you are not able to always be there to answer the phone every time it rings. When your legal team is busy taking care of clients and handling other internal matters, you need someone who is always there to answer your calls. When you're not operating during office hours, and potential clients call, to retain those clients you need someone there to answer the phones. Legal Call 24 is there for your company and will do just that 24/7/365.

  2. Picks Up Your Overflow Calls:

    If someone is calling your office and you are on the phone with another potential client, even during business hours, Legal Call 24 will be here to pick up those calls for you as well. Our team is capable of performing the legal intake process as well. We will get all of the potential client's information and then send it right over to your firms so you can make contact with the client and get busy serving them immediately.

  3. Potential Clients Always Reach a Real Person:

    The Legal Call 24 team ensures that potential clients always reach someone who can assist them with the legal intake process. There are no annoying machines or "Press 1 for X" or "Press 2 for Y" spiels for customers to have to listen to before getting service. They speak directly to a polite, trained professional receptionist who will complete their intake process and send it directly to the attorney every single time! No exceptions.

  4. Our Staff Is Highly Trained:

    Our staff here at Legal Call 24 complete 6+ month training course before they are even allowed to begin answering client calls on their own. This highly specialized training means that our staff is the best at what they do. Our team will treat each customer that calls our center (on behalf of your law firm) with an equal amount of dignity and respect, no matter what.

These are services that every small law firm needs to ensure that they are not letting profit and revenue slip through their hands. Legal Call 24 will make sure that your law firm has those tools that you need for your firm's best success. All of this will come at a price that is affordable to you and your business, and far cheaper than hiring and paying someone's benefits to answer your phones full time (and they only work during business hours whereas we operate around the clock).

Sharron LawsonComment